More Fequent Blogging, First Few Albums sold Online…

I have decided I’m going to start blogging more frequently from my blog connected to my website.  Lately I’ve had my first few online sales and things are going pretty awesome.  At the release I sold over 30 which was awesome.  Currently searching to buy a house and build a permanent studio in it.  Things are about to get real.  Already started new material for an album that I’m extremely excited about.  It’s going to have an all new sound, and be a lot more fun… that’s for sure.  Stay tuned as I start posting updates and applying to get some online reviews of my music.  All of your support is greatly appreciated, and if you’ve asked to buy and haven’t purchased an album yet, go ahead and head to my bandcamp from my main website and get one!   I’ll hand package it and even write you a fun little note!

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