Interpersonal V. I is now out… take a listen

Interpersonal V. I    <<<<<<< Check out the first volume of my mini album Interpersonal.  Download link included!

2 thoughts on “Interpersonal V. I is now out… take a listen

  1. Impressions from the 1st listening:

    Interpersonal I – Sacred Ohm Drones
    Mechanical Color – Final Fantasy X into Bubble Groove
    Somber Situation – Drum Corps or Love Core? ; )
    Reflecting Light – Aphex Recollection

    Overall – Give me more of that sauce.

    • Batch of sauces currently brewing. Dude, just literally realized, sorry for not getting back to you yesterday. Brain mush. I was wanting to tell you, if you need somewhere to stay while looking for a place…. stay at mine 🙂

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