The Daily Routine

It’s that daily routine.  Everyone walking on their path.  Even those who don’t believe in destiny strive to create a consistent reality by weaving a path through the day.  I sure do.  It’s that daily routine.  Breaking free from the path, and the desire to create one to follow… I long for the day when I’ve started taking a more personal and less worried path.  I could walk along, judging every glance from another, weighing my standing with my teachers, parents, other superiors… weighing my value in the world and if I’ve accomplished enough, but really?   If I know how I feel about it, what’s the point of running my mind in cycles returning the same unchanged information over and over…  I’ll turn it back on next time there’s some new information.   Until then, I’ll be floating in a non-specified area in space and time absorbing what’s around me.

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