Interpersonal V.I Added to Soundcloud

So the website is mostly fixed, except for the things I could not get back, like some pictures basically.  I am almost finished with my new website, and with that will come my newest album as well.  I’m thinking late January for the release.  Until then, please enjoy Interpersonal V.I, which you can download from this site for free, until I can get some new jams out to you in this next month.  I will probably release a track to hint at the album soon.

Website temporarily down

Everything got erased… all of it.  I am re-uploading the three available albums and their downloads so the music is functional, otherwise there’s a lot of broken stuff and no images… which it will sort of remain until I get the new site up.  Should be listenable by tomorrow.

New Album "Listen Alone" complete

I have titled my new album “Listen Alone,” and you should do just that.  I am teaming up with Andrea Jacobs and another photography artist from CVA (college of visual arts in St. Paul) to create the album artwork.  Once that’s finished (sometime around Jan.), it will be available for all, and we will have a rockin CD release party.  Stay tuned, let the excitement build.