IF you Found a CD

If you happen to have found a CD, and it had a little piece of paper with my web address on it, welcome, you’ve made it.  I have given these to people to distribute everywhere to raise awareness about my site and bring attention of a new album coming out… Please navigate the to music tab and download Acceptance and Change, and Interpersonal V.1 for now, they are both free, and please do share them on your preferred social network if you do download, that’s all I ask.  My music is about positive movement forward, which I hope you experience in the most excellent of ways.  It really is too bad I didn’t spend more time doing the cover of my first album, looks silly I know.  Don’t forget to comment if you found or like the music!


Thank You,


Website Building Begins – Sample of New Album

Website building is in progress.  Album continuation also in progress.  Plans have changed and the next album I’m releasing is basically also my thesis for school.  I’m going to put more effort into it than any other album.  Here’s an unfinished track called Stay Calm.  It should set some of the vibe of the album, real playing into cut up expressions that reform themself from the song itself.  All noises are real and there is no synthesis, everything is a product of me sampling my environment and forming it into music.  Here’s the track.

Press play button below

[audio: Stay Calm.mp3]