Everything will Change

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, (to myself practically) but for those of you that take the time to read this, here’s some awesome stuff.  Lately, everything must change, even this website…. gonna change son.  I am preparing myself to release a bunch of music that is somewhat like some of my recent SoundCloud, notably “Cleaning Up,” although more melodic and emotional.  I am coming to a point where I think I may be naming myself with an alias.  I have a few names in mind, but I’m not sharing yet.  Stay tuned for some really awesome music from the depths of my passion.  I have now realized this morning I have everything I need.  Especially my little recorder buddy.

test post


Couple New Maschine Tracks (fixed)

Hey there, these are also on my Soundcloud, but here’s a couple tracks that show what I’ve been doing on the Maschine, a german beat machine I’ve been digging a lot.  It allows me to be a little more artistic with my samples, and a little more physical…  Here’s a couple tracks:

Something to Live for:

[audio: Something to Live for.mp3]

Become One:

[audio: Become One.mp3]