Sent in for Best of 2012

Just sent in my song to be mastered for Mcnally Smith’s Best of 2012 compilation.  So excited that I got a spot…. my song “Wandering Light” will be featured as track number 7.  Very lucky as that is my favorite number.  I’ll post a link as soon as the CD comes out on itunes.

Sample of my new all real sound project

It’s on soundcloud as well, check out my track Metal Ailment to be on my new full length record (not yet titled).  [audio: Metal Ailment.mp3]

A sample for my new project and a sample for Interpersonal V.2

In a few moments, I will release a sample for both my new all real sound project and Interpersonal V.2.  The sample for my new project (not yet titled) is a full length song that uses all real sound except the bass noise.  The Interpersonal sample is a not yet completed song that will be on the album.  Stay tuned, I will host them here and host them on soundcloud.

New Project in the Works

As of lately, Interpersonal V.2 has been on the back burner.  I have been taking a multitude  of samples in various locations and repurposing them as my new rhythmic material.  Rather soon there will be more no more electronic sound in my music, or at least very very little.  I will be using my piano mostly as melody and have been creating an album of all organic material.  It’s some of the best sounding stuff I’ve done yet and I’m very excited.  This will be the transition from what I’ve been doing to what I will do for the rest of my life.  I will have a sample up soon of what this sounds like… stay tuned, great things to come.  As far as Interpersonal V.2, I should simultaneously be getting to work on this very soon.  Some very intense feelings in the barrel here, yes.