Soundcloud, tons of new clips now present

All of the times I’ve been sitting and recording myself in order to remember a piano bit have now finally become public.  I was listening to all these clips last night and realized it can’t hurt to share.  Please do check them out, they’re fun and strange.  They are nice and raw and rough.  There’s a link to my soundcloud on the site, otherwise

Thank You 🙂


I must announce, I have been making a lot of things on the side in the process of creating my next full length album.  I have decided to release the miscellaneous stuff I’ve been working on electronically as an album.  It should come out in the next month or so.  I haven’t been very up-to-date with soundcloud, much too busy… but please do look for more samples, and a new album coming soon!   VERY EXCITED for everything going on.  I will post a picture of my new studio soon.  Things coming together awesomely, but slowly nonetheless.