Preparing for Action

It’s still a little bit down the road, but as you may have noticed, my website has opened up it’s doors for a new album, called Acceptance & Change.   You will soon see samples being posted amongst its new dedicated page.  If you scroll over music on my site, you’ll see 2 drop downs… how exciting.  Also if you just click music, it brings you to another page with pictures for each album, cool!!!  Stay tuned for cool tunes.  By cool tunes I mean cool to the touch, this stuff definitely doesn’t burn.

Getting through it All

Just another update.

I don’t have a lot of time right now, so I’m pushing the album release a little past this end of summer unfortunately.  Working full time with full time school has got me in a bind with little time for expression.  I’ll get another link up soon of a sample of what’s been going on.  I’m very excited to get through this all, because so far things are turning out really great.  Hopefully I can get some more fans over to this site and blog more often so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself.  Comment if you read this sometimes…. hopefully at least one will surface!  If you do, pull some others over.  Also, if you got one of my cd’s from Shangri La and happened to stumble upon my website… give me a holla!


Love Coming – Little Sample

I’m really excited to release this stuff I’m about to come out with, so in the name of keeping some energy alive at this site, I’m going to start at the very least doing one update per week.  Here is a little sample of some emotions flowing through the wires around here.  It’s a little sample, but it’s the piano in my apartment recorded through a mic hanging inside, mixed with some tasty beat-work.  I’m calling it Enter Inter for now.