New News, CD giveaway, and New Samples, all coming awesomely fast.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated something on my page.  Recently emerging from Project Earth this year (a festival at Harmony Park that Wookiefoot created), I have learned many a thing that I once knew, but needed to be reminded.  We all share this electricity within us, it’s the one energy that joins us all together, and it resides in all matter.  On this note, I have been looking at all I have been making lately, and have been very pleased and excited to share some of it with you all.  I have decided that the theme of this coming album is Acceptance and Change… a song I recently started working on.  Acceptance of what’s real, and what’s not.  Change comes thereafter, stripping useless and obstacle based worries.  There is only one thing to worry about, and it’s those less fortunate than you, and how much we have to help them with.  I will be having a CD giveaway very soon (there is an official print of Present Everywhere, in case you didn’t know).  I’m going to set aside $25 for postage, and whoever PM’s me their address, I will send you a cd in the mail with a nice little letter.  Seriously, just do it anytime from now on and you’re in.  Look soon for a song sample of my next album, coming to your ears by the end of the summer.