New Facebook Page URL

Been a little bit since I’ve touched this ol’ thing.  Recently I’ve been doing some heavy networking on Facebook, and trying my hand at twitter (not been so successful).  I did, although, get a follow twitter button and a facebook page link on my main website.  Sweet.  Currently I now have a nice url for my facebook page.  It’s  Super cool if you ask me.  Currently I’ve been asking facebook users to like the page, and when it gets to 100, I’ll release a love-ish song I wrote about liking pages.  Please do if you haven’t.  Also…. I currently have been working on some newer style of music with Ableton that I’m very pleased with.  Check out “Happy to be Alive” on my soundcloud ( and enjoy thoroughly.

New Blog Location

So after I deleted half of my website for the second time, I decided to move my blog to and host the main website I’ve been working on for my new album at  For music listening please refer to the main site, which I’ll have downloads for albums back up soon, but for now you can still stream everything.  So anyways, new album out very soon with release details (taking a while to work out printing) and check out the new site as it develops at

Everything will Change

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, (to myself practically) but for those of you that take the time to read this, here’s some awesome stuff.  Lately, everything must change, even this website…. gonna change son.  I am preparing myself to release a bunch of music that is somewhat like some of my recent SoundCloud, notably “Cleaning Up,” although more melodic and emotional.  I am coming to a point where I think I may be naming myself with an alias.  I have a few names in mind, but I’m not sharing yet.  Stay tuned for some really awesome music from the depths of my passion.  I have now realized this morning I have everything I need.  Especially my little recorder buddy.


I must announce, I have been making a lot of things on the side in the process of creating my next full length album.  I have decided to release the miscellaneous stuff I’ve been working on electronically as an album.  It should come out in the next month or so.  I haven’t been very up-to-date with soundcloud, much too busy… but please do look for more samples, and a new album coming soon!   VERY EXCITED for everything going on.  I will post a picture of my new studio soon.  Things coming together awesomely, but slowly nonetheless.

Getting through it All

Just another update.

I don’t have a lot of time right now, so I’m pushing the album release a little past this end of summer unfortunately.  Working full time with full time school has got me in a bind with little time for expression.  I’ll get another link up soon of a sample of what’s been going on.  I’m very excited to get through this all, because so far things are turning out really great.  Hopefully I can get some more fans over to this site and blog more often so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself.  Comment if you read this sometimes…. hopefully at least one will surface!  If you do, pull some others over.  Also, if you got one of my cd’s from Shangri La and happened to stumble upon my website… give me a holla!


New Sample, and a Soundcloud

Soundcloud   It’s a place I’ll be posting my samples, because it can be played on facebook for ease.  Much ease.  Yum.  Go over there, enjoy some stuff.  There will be more to come.


Here is the sample that I uploaded there.    [audio: Handling It.mp3]

New News, CD giveaway, and New Samples, all coming awesomely fast.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated something on my page.  Recently emerging from Project Earth this year (a festival at Harmony Park that Wookiefoot created), I have learned many a thing that I once knew, but needed to be reminded.  We all share this electricity within us, it’s the one energy that joins us all together, and it resides in all matter.  On this note, I have been looking at all I have been making lately, and have been very pleased and excited to share some of it with you all.  I have decided that the theme of this coming album is Acceptance and Change… a song I recently started working on.  Acceptance of what’s real, and what’s not.  Change comes thereafter, stripping useless and obstacle based worries.  There is only one thing to worry about, and it’s those less fortunate than you, and how much we have to help them with.  I will be having a CD giveaway very soon (there is an official print of Present Everywhere, in case you didn’t know).  I’m going to set aside $25 for postage, and whoever PM’s me their address, I will send you a cd in the mail with a nice little letter.  Seriously, just do it anytime from now on and you’re in.  Look soon for a song sample of my next album, coming to your ears by the end of the summer.

The Daily Routine

It’s that daily routine.  Everyone walking on their path.  Even those who don’t believe in destiny strive to create a consistent reality by weaving a path through the day.  I sure do.  It’s that daily routine.  Breaking free from the path, and the desire to create one to follow… I long for the day when I’ve started taking a more personal and less worried path.  I could walk along, judging every glance from another, weighing my standing with my teachers, parents, other superiors… weighing my value in the world and if I’ve accomplished enough, but really?   If I know how I feel about it, what’s the point of running my mind in cycles returning the same unchanged information over and over…  I’ll turn it back on next time there’s some new information.   Until then, I’ll be floating in a non-specified area in space and time absorbing what’s around me.

Social Dependence

Life was once based on how we see ourselves, as clear as looking at ourselves in a mirror.   Personal, direct.  Now, we base our lives on how everyone else sees us.  Impersonal, empty of reason.  Be independent, light your own color of fire, and be real…. I fear we’ll watch our special understandings of life disappear if we rely on everyone else to support who we are, and the decisions we make.  Creating your image in social dependence is stripping yourself of your very ability to be you.

An excerpt of a thought on delusional reality

Well here it goes again.  It’s one of those days when you really, really, are like…. super out there.  What is being delusional?  I’m open to any thoughts really, but first of all to start, it’s often simply characterized by a lack of sleep, or emotional shock that’s disconnecting in nature.  But let’s go deeper, because I’m like super delusional and stuff…. whoa, delusions.  Upon entering the deep catacombs of this thought, I already have the impression of being off balance, but here’s the key just coming into mind: What is it that  you are disillusioned from?  There is this disconnection, sends you spinning like a top, but once again – disconnected from what?  Well now we’re in the catacombs, and I’ll share with you my viewpoint that there is something that keeps you grounded within your reality.  Now I’m not preaching anything here, what I am trying to say is that there exists this grid of connection between us all, some stronger, some weaker, that cuts off from you every once and a while – like when you’re alone in the woods.  When this happens, I think it is one of those few special times when you can realize this connection, only because of the absence of it.  Probably like you just thought, you never notice it until it’s gone.  I mean, how could you?  If you spend your whole life walking around, seeing what you see, but nothing changes, there’s not much to think about, there’s not much to realize.  It’s the changes that expose the inner workings of reality, and let me tell ya – some complex stuff in there.  Well that’s enough being delusional.  Good day to all, and welcome to the start of my website inner ranting.