New Facebook Page URL

Been a little bit since I’ve touched this ol’ thing.  Recently I’ve been doing some heavy networking on Facebook, and trying my hand at twitter (not been so successful).  I did, although, get a follow twitter button and a facebook page link on my main website.  Sweet.  Currently I now have a nice url for my facebook page.  It’s  Super cool if you ask me.  Currently I’ve been asking facebook users to like the page, and when it gets to 100, I’ll release a love-ish song I wrote about liking pages.  Please do if you haven’t.  Also…. I currently have been working on some newer style of music with Ableton that I’m very pleased with.  Check out “Happy to be Alive” on my soundcloud ( and enjoy thoroughly.

New Blog Location

So after I deleted half of my website for the second time, I decided to move my blog to and host the main website I’ve been working on for my new album at  For music listening please refer to the main site, which I’ll have downloads for albums back up soon, but for now you can still stream everything.  So anyways, new album out very soon with release details (taking a while to work out printing) and check out the new site as it develops at

New Album "Listen Alone" complete

I have titled my new album “Listen Alone,” and you should do just that.  I am teaming up with Andrea Jacobs and another photography artist from CVA (college of visual arts in St. Paul) to create the album artwork.  Once that’s finished (sometime around Jan.), it will be available for all, and we will have a rockin CD release party.  Stay tuned, let the excitement build.

IF you Found a CD

If you happen to have found a CD, and it had a little piece of paper with my web address on it, welcome, you’ve made it.  I have given these to people to distribute everywhere to raise awareness about my site and bring attention of a new album coming out… Please navigate the to music tab and download Acceptance and Change, and Interpersonal V.1 for now, they are both free, and please do share them on your preferred social network if you do download, that’s all I ask.  My music is about positive movement forward, which I hope you experience in the most excellent of ways.  It really is too bad I didn’t spend more time doing the cover of my first album, looks silly I know.  Don’t forget to comment if you found or like the music!


Thank You,


Website Building Begins – Sample of New Album

Website building is in progress.  Album continuation also in progress.  Plans have changed and the next album I’m releasing is basically also my thesis for school.  I’m going to put more effort into it than any other album.  Here’s an unfinished track called Stay Calm.  It should set some of the vibe of the album, real playing into cut up expressions that reform themself from the song itself.  All noises are real and there is no synthesis, everything is a product of me sampling my environment and forming it into music.  Here’s the track.

Press play button below

[audio: Stay Calm.mp3]

Everything will Change

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, (to myself practically) but for those of you that take the time to read this, here’s some awesome stuff.  Lately, everything must change, even this website…. gonna change son.  I am preparing myself to release a bunch of music that is somewhat like some of my recent SoundCloud, notably “Cleaning Up,” although more melodic and emotional.  I am coming to a point where I think I may be naming myself with an alias.  I have a few names in mind, but I’m not sharing yet.  Stay tuned for some really awesome music from the depths of my passion.  I have now realized this morning I have everything I need.  Especially my little recorder buddy.

Couple New Maschine Tracks (fixed)

Hey there, these are also on my Soundcloud, but here’s a couple tracks that show what I’ve been doing on the Maschine, a german beat machine I’ve been digging a lot.  It allows me to be a little more artistic with my samples, and a little more physical…  Here’s a couple tracks:

Something to Live for:

[audio: Something to Live for.mp3]

Become One:

[audio: Become One.mp3]

Sent in for Best of 2012

Just sent in my song to be mastered for Mcnally Smith’s Best of 2012 compilation.  So excited that I got a spot…. my song “Wandering Light” will be featured as track number 7.  Very lucky as that is my favorite number.  I’ll post a link as soon as the CD comes out on itunes.

Sample of my new all real sound project

It’s on soundcloud as well, check out my track Metal Ailment to be on my new full length record (not yet titled).  [audio: Metal Ailment.mp3]

A sample for my new project and a sample for Interpersonal V.2

In a few moments, I will release a sample for both my new all real sound project and Interpersonal V.2.  The sample for my new project (not yet titled) is a full length song that uses all real sound except the bass noise.  The Interpersonal sample is a not yet completed song that will be on the album.  Stay tuned, I will host them here and host them on soundcloud.