Ryan Horton Music Blog is Changing

This purpose of this blog is going to change.  Instead of using this as a music update place (which I already do with Facebook and Soundcloud), I’m going to use this as more of a vessel for my thoughts, and updates on what I’m doing with things such as building the studio, gardening, cooking, and all around cool life stuff.  This will then correctly function as an actual blog, and give people a window into my life as an artist.  I spent some time building this thing, so I might as well use it… right!?  Stay tuned for basement updates, and colorful things in pictures.

In The Works

A bit of an update on what I’m currently doing with music:  Found a house, building a studio, and working on a double album.  I’ve had two styles of music emerge in me over the past few years.  There’s music I do with singing, and music I don’t.  I love both styles, so I’m working on creating a double album.  I expect to be working on it until early next year.  With the new album expect a new ryanhortonmusic.com as well.  I’m going to be doing some sort of music update weekly, so follow my page at Facebook.com/ryanhortonmusic if you already haven’t, I’ll be keeping everything up to date there.

Album is being Reviewed!

Someone was browsing bandcamp and told me to send my music into www.indiemusicalbumreviews.com, and a month later they contacted me saying they wanted to do a review… awesome!!!  They told me they will post it April 15th.  So here’s to hoping it’ll be a good review!

More Fequent Blogging, First Few Albums sold Online…

I have decided I’m going to start blogging more frequently from my blog connected to my website.  Lately I’ve had my first few online sales and things are going pretty awesome.  At the release I sold over 30 which was awesome.  Currently searching to buy a house and build a permanent studio in it.  Things are about to get real.  Already started new material for an album that I’m extremely excited about.  It’s going to have an all new sound, and be a lot more fun… that’s for sure.  Stay tuned as I start posting updates and applying to get some online reviews of my music.  All of your support is greatly appreciated, and if you’ve asked to buy and haven’t purchased an album yet, go ahead and head to my bandcamp from my main website and get one!   I’ll hand package it and even write you a fun little note!

Free downloads of my earlier albums are back

downloadsFree downloads of my previous albums are now available on my main website ryanhortonmusic.  They are located on the music pages of each album.  New album out March 16th.

Site back up, lot of links still broken

You’ve found the blog, for music listening, please refer to the main ryanhortonmusic.com as this will soon become just my blog, and music will be hosted on the main site, which is in progress and almost finished, stay tuned as my new album is close to release.

Interpersonal V.I Added to Soundcloud

So the website is mostly fixed, except for the things I could not get back, like some pictures basically.  I am almost finished with my new website, and with that will come my newest album as well.  I’m thinking late January for the release.  Until then, please enjoy Interpersonal V.I, which you can download from this site for free, until I can get some new jams out to you in this next month.  I will probably release a track to hint at the album soon.

Website temporarily down

Everything got erased… all of it.  I am re-uploading the three available albums and their downloads so the music is functional, otherwise there’s a lot of broken stuff and no images… which it will sort of remain until I get the new site up.  Should be listenable by tomorrow.

test post


Interpersonal V.2 Song Sample

Here’s a sample of an unfinished song from Interpersonal V.2, the second half of my mini album I’ve been working on.  It’s called Shine.

[audio:Shine Sample.mp3]